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Gotta Love Tapestry of Grace Books!

I must admit that one of the most impressive features  I've come across using TOG for now my third year are the incredible books.  I love TOG books.  Correction - I looove TOG books!

TOG books are beautiful!  The illustrations are colorful and the content is golden!  My children read the books over and over again.  The quality of the selection lets you know that someone is carefully considering which books to include in the curriculum.  

When we first started using TOG, I thought that I would get most of my books from the library and only purchase those that I couldn't find.  This worked out very well for me - at first.  After all, each Tapestry reading assignment sheet gives you a call number that you can use to find that title or one similar to it at your local library.  Easy.

But then something strange started to happen. Something that my children and I didn't expect.  We started to fall in love with our books!  We didn't want to send them back to the library anymore.  So I started purchasing more of my books, but I couldn't buy them all. So how was a girl to decide what to buy and what to borrow?

Enter Bookshelf Central.  I started using this valuable resource to help me learn more about our Tapestry books.  Not only does Bookshelf Central give me summaries of each book, it also tells me whether or not a book is used for multiple levels and for how many weeks we will use each book!  Great!  So now I use this information to help me figure out which books to purchase and which we'll just request from our local library. This makes my planning so much easier since I have two children on different levels and will soon be officially adding a third child to our homeschool.

Another feature of Bookshelf Central is the ease of ordering books from the website.  The price of the book is clearly displayed and you can add it to your cart if you decide you want to purchase the book.  There are multiple ways to pay for your books including Paypal, which makes it even more convenient.

My favorite feature about TOG books are the diverse subjects and cultures that they touch on.  Unlike most classical curricula that focus solely on Western Civilization, TOG books and activities present the whole of human history and civilization.  My children learn about all of humankind using beautiful books and resources.

If you haven't checked out Bookshelf Central or if it's been a while, take a look.  The website has been updated since I first starting using TOG and is a lot more user friendly.

I'd love to hear what you think about TOG books as well!